Email Done Right.

Email marketing is vital when building a strong customer base. Thats why we only use the best available for our clients to ensure your marketing campaigns end up in the inbox. Depending upon your needs we can embed these capabilities directly in your solution or teach you how to use the simple drag and drop campaign builder in Mailchimp itself.

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By utilizing the information we gather about your users we can dynamically adapt the site to show the products and services for their visit. Consider a sporting goods store with locations throughout the nation. During winter someone visiting from a northern state may be more likely to be interested in ski and snowboard equipment vs someone from a southern state who may be looking for fishing equipment. Knowing this we can change the sites presentation when they visit to cater to these needs.

SMS & Voice.

Using SMS & voice as a tool for engaging with your customers is often among the fastest and most effective in many instances. Not sure how texting and automated voice could help your company? Consider a few examples:

  • Notifying customers an order is ready for pickup.
  • You are running an event and want to be able to instantly reach attendees if weather becomes a factor.
  • Sending out special promotions with unique codes.
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